The “Chairousel” was one of 16 installations displayed within Times Square’s Design Pavilion, a central hub for NYCxDESIGN, a citywide design celebration in New York City in May 2019. The Pavilion, which stretched from West 42nd to West 47th Streets across five plazas, provided a showcase for prominent and emerging designers alike to collaborate and innovate and for the public to engage with their imaginative built environments.

The Chairousel was a refurbished 1960s carousel installation by the 3D Design and Interior Design departments at the School of Visual Arts. It featured a number of unique works by young designers that creatively challenged and interpreted the simple concept of chairs. The carousel itself stood underneath a towering 26 foot wooden chair.

I worked as a production designer on the project, assisting in the design and fabrication of assets and the final staging of the installation.