Let's Chat!

I was getting a lot of spam from the contact form that previously existed on this page (I know— this is why we can't have nice things anymore), so here we are! Just find the category that best describes your needs, and drop me a message!

If none of these seemingly excessively detailed categories describe you, just click here.


Hire Me

I'm always excited to work on projects with new clients. Please send an email to hello@justinwongdesign.com with a detailed brief and contact information so I can get in touch with you to further discuss the project and my availability.

Press Inquiries

If you are looking for information or some high-def shots of my work for an article or related publication, please email press@justinwongdesign.com and include the required by date in the subject line. I will try to respond within one week.

Snail Mail

If you want to send me your grandmother's famous mac and cheese recipe, which is obviously too sensitive to be distributed via the Internet, I love a good old-fashioned letter. Send them to me at 149 East 23rd Street #123, New York, NY 10010. (Please note that I receive this mail on a monthly basis. I once had someone try to deliver cookies here. I was sad.)