Dashing Through
New York


3D Design

A theatrical contribution to a holiday installation in the center of New York's biggest holiday destination.

Commissioned by RXR Realty in 2018, Dashing Through New York was a holiday arts exhibition by the School of Visual Arts. Standing in the main lobby and windows of 75 Rockefeller Plaza, the installation of nine themed sleighs brought a festive display of NYC pride to the holiday hotspot of the city –Rockefeller Center. Each sleigh began as a true vintage sled and was reimagined in the likeness of a New York City symbol.

Invited to design one of the sleighs and execute his vision with a team of talented craftspeople, lead designer Justin Wong envisioned his sleigh as a nod to his background in theatre. 

Constructed from the base of a reclaimed "primitive" pony sleigh from nearly 200 years ago, the Broadway sleigh was carefully refurbished, and adorned with yards ribbons of red curtain, an original chair from an Broadway theatre, wired marquee lights, and even a branded Playbill.

In addition to the creation of the sleigh, naming and branding for the installation was contributed, complete with a logo and press collateral.

Thanks to Kevin O'Callaghan, Kaori Sakai, Isabel Yayla, Laura Escamilla, and Gabriela Ong. Special thanks to Playbill for their support of this project. All rights used with permission.


Sleigh base before refurbishing and refinishing.


Original concept sketch for the Broadway sleigh.


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